O Canada

What an incredible experience I had over the weekend.  Called in to sing the national anthem for the gold metal match, Canada vs USA for the 2013 NORCECA Men's Continental Volleyball Championship at Langley Events Centre. 

I was surrounded by these incredible athletes and I stopped to think about the mental toughness it takes to get to that level that they were playing at.  I wonder what they do consistently everyday in order to play at that level.  What level do I want to play at? What do I need to do everyday to get there?

Our days are our life in miniature.

Reminds me of a message I recently took from a workshop I was apart of:

 "We’re never given anything we can’t handle and that’s something really important to remember in times of challenge because sometimes it seems like ‘I don’t know how to get out of this’ and that’s why you’re there so you can figure it out because you actually do have all the tools within you and around you and sometimes we have to ask, sometimes we have to surrender, and sometimes we have to accept love and support from other people…"

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the experience of having hundreds sing along with me as we honoured our home and freedom!