Live Or Die

Are you growing? 

There was a relationship in my life that I felt like it was not growing, it was dying. Not benefiting either party.  Why does this happen? 

Our environments are so important.  With my acting experience, it has taught me a lot about life's story.  In the scheme of things, we are all here for a short period of time to experience this life.  We are here to tell our story. Just like a song or a movie, which tells a story, you are living yours - RIGHT NOW!

You get to choose the cast, the writing, the location, etc.  Are you happy? If not, what is it that needs to change? Fear kicked in just now thinking about that, didn't it?

Well, look at the alternative.  Do you want to live the next year like the last? 

Do you want to live the next 5 years like the last 5? Change happens whether we like it or not.  Why not start making changes to better yourself and your life.  It's your story. 

Live Or Die is a song I wrote when I was 16 years old, and is available on my EP from January 2013., Dreams Are All You Know. 

I hope you enjoy the song and live performance from the Edmonton CD Release!