Your Personal Brand! And Here's A Bit Of Mine...


"Companies have brands. What you don't think of much or certainly not enough, is that people have brands too... If it's not helping you, it's hurting you. There's no such thing as a neutral brand that's helping you." 

- Quoted from Rich Thawley (I had a great opportunity to qualify and go to his beach house for some incedible mentorship, thank you to World Financial Group and my Dad)

Brand -  It's not just part of business, it's personal! We have our own personal brands.


- family        - faith       - "I love my spouse"       - integrity        - genuine       - humour 

There's some things you can't do without in your brand: 

- ability for people to trust you                      - strength of character




When you think of companies that have a distinct brand... for example Starbucks has a distinct brand.   Relaxing environment, people are usually studying or reading because it is a place you feel comfortable doing that.  Would you feel comfortable doing that at McDonalds? No.

McDonalds is a company with a different brand. They even put colours in there to physiologically move people in and out - yellows and reds are supposed to keep you moving.

Back to Starbucks - the colours are warm and welcoming, greens and browns.   



As an artist, I have a responsibility to educate people.  I am an educator to those who need to express how to feel and express emotions in a positive platform - which is what music has done for me! Very Therapeutic! And not taken lightly!

My dream is to help others tap into their potential.  For some reason, we have normalized mediocrity in the world around us. We have normalized bad eating habits. We have normalized selfies on facebook... :) And so on.


I have a focus in business and music and art, so I can later be enriching lives in a bigger way! Yes, I had a recent birthday of mine, however I have yet to make it out to the bars or pubs to celebrate, because I have focus.   Not saying I haven't celebrated.  I celebrated with people I had inspiring conversations with to help stretch my vision even further.

Growing up when my dad transitioned from being an employee, to getting in business for himself, he would always tell me, "Big sacrifice now means big rewards later." He has fulfilled that promise to me over and over again.



When staying true to your vision and your brand, Rich Thawley had talked about the importance of saying no. 

"It is not a character flaw to say no... Saying no becomes very important at times, to protect your family time, your marriage time..." 

"That's why you hear me say, three things that are my priorities; Faith, family and business. In order to say yes to those things in the abundance that I need too, you've got to say no to some others."

Saying no is NOT a character flaw! It gives you more time to be a hero to your family and those around you! When you work hard, it is contagious! Work hard in the right direction!



Set your standard. Do a breakdown to discover what motivates, inspires and drives you.  What makes you happy? What are you willing to die for?