How Big Is Your Vision?

Currently I am reading a book called 'Building People' by Xuan Nguyen.  I love this...

 "Can you pour a gallon of water into a 12 ounce bottle? You can't, The size of your vision is the limitation of your business.  You can't do the same thing, think the same way, have the same routine, stay in the same comfort zone and want things to change!"

How do you feel when you are out of your comfort zone? In my opinion, it is the feeling of growth.


In another blog, I wrote about BRAND! Knowing your goals and your vision will help with that brand. 


First things first - What is it you want? Think big. Think bigger. Do you believe you can? You should.

Do you believe you deserve it? You do.

Write out what it is you want to do in this lifetime.

Now work backwards and find out what you could do everyday to help you build that vision. Same as Will Smith talks about, you don't go out to build a wall, you have to focus on laying one brick at a time, and soon you will have a wall.

For me, I am working on my discipline to write down a song idea every day, so I can become a world class songwriter.


I hope you have a vision.  A vision gives you a target to aim for.  It is having a definiteness of purpose. If you do not have a vision, you are mindlessly shooting into the air, so do not expect to hit anything.  You have that power.  Use it.  

What is the difference between us and dogs or cats or chickens or pigs.  We all have a heart, lungs, skin, hair, etc., but the difference is our minds! Use it!