Law of Attraction at the Airport

If you have been following me for a while, you may have noticed I take joy in my own humility with silly photos and videos of laughter, with the hopes of not letting my ego run the show and to give permission to others to do the same by that example. 




That was reinforced today for me.  As I'm on my final plane to Phoenix, AZ, I feel incredibly thankful.


The day started in Edmonton, AB and got there at 3:15am and I fell asleep while my original flight boarded and left. I felt horrible, mad, guilty, vengeful, wow was it a nasty feeling! I cried.


I got a new flight to Los Angeles, which would direct me to Phoenix, and I didn't want to talk to anyone. Didn't feel like myself.


When I gave them my carry on at the front, I knew I had to catch a plane right away when I got off. Fifty minutes until boarding time when I was told I had to go to baggage claim! Exactly what I was trying to avoid by bringing a carry on.


After asking the workers, they did not know where it was, and since it was carry on, my information wasn't on the bag for it to find me, I had to find it!  I cried again.


Waiting in the line, not feeling mad or happy, a lady walks behind me answering the question I had in my mind. 'My bag had a pattern, what was it again...' And that lady behind me in the - find my damn bag line - had a bag with the pattern to help remind me! I knew that was a sign I would find it. I stopped worrying, stopped resisting, stopped the negativity and clicked the hopeful switch back on again. 


The line got faster, the man said at the front to go check the carasole again because they found one last bag! It was mine! And I ran to my flight which was boarding in 10 minutes and I still had to get through security. After security, my gate was the first one there, and it was delayed. I had a thought that knowing the world is working in my favor, is so incredibly powerful, most of us can't comprehend it. I'm learning about it everyday. Even when I got on the plane, a women gave me her window seat! My favorite. 

Thank goodness there were nice people around me because I bought an orange which sprayed everyone while I opened it. "That was refreshing!" 

The law of attraction works instantly, and is not based on logic, but based on the feeling. "She's feeling this, so she must want more of it, and I want to give her what she wants, so here it is!" 

My plane is off! I'm eating my favorite candy bar and don't feel guilty one bit! I get to be in warm weather! Wow, life is so good.