Reflection on completing the Radical Self Love Program

Over the past 30 days, I did the Radical Self Love Program.

I learned so much about myself and it started with how strange/weird it was for me to book time with me! I not only grew my self love, but my self respect. Respecting others is directly related to respecting yourself.  You cannot give what you don't have. So me loving and respecting myself more, I found I was able to give love and respect to others!

I felt some breakthroughs and some major challenges!

Brittney 5.jpg


- Being vulnerable and sharing this openly online

- Acknowledging myself sincerely, and when I felt frustrated or nervous, I'd congratulate myself for being willing to take a chance and go there.  Failure or Success, I was willing to try!

- Reflecting and shedding some of the C-R-A-P I have held onto that was not serving me


- Setting an intention... this is what I resisted the most, and the very last day I realized how important setting an intention is! Before I would set an expectation and set myself and everyone else involved up to fail because I didn't voice my expectation. However, with an intention, I know the outcome I'm going for instead of leaving it up to chance or letting a small wind get me off track to my goal in that moment. 

- Respecting myself.  I would book time to do my morning routine or self love practices, however if something came up, my time was always the first to get pushed aside. Respecting myself enough to honour my time. (I'm going to try setting an intention of how long I will be where ever I am, and make sure my time doesn't get pushed aside)

- A busy weekend came during the last week of my program, and I didn't do all the program requirements, and therefore I felt very triggered! For example, this lady had repeated something she saw me say, and I automatically had my ego screaming she's mocking me, she's rude, how dare she, WOAH! She could have been complimenting me now that I reflect back.  I realized I choose to see it negatively or positively, so I am going to promise to myself to honour me so my cup is full and I can give more and hold a space of love, and also check in with myself.  She was reflecting something I couldn't sit with - with ME, nothing to do with her. I take responsibility for me.


I am going to keep my practices and I recommend this to everyone.  Honour yourself and lets honour each other. It's a human need to feel significance, so my part in changing the world for the better will be through an intention of sharing appreciation to people.  If you're reading this, thank you for taking precious time of yours to honour me. Don't forget about you.. :)


"What single habit, action or behavior could I upgrade or change that would increase my level of self-respect?"