Candy Launch In Edmonton

What an incredible time performing at On The Rocks in Edmonton, AB thanks to RAWLCO Radio!

So much gratitude goes out to the team of people being a part of taping giant lollipops to the stage, to the sharp dressed ladies and gents sharing the stage with me!

Leading up to the event, I got to Edmonton on Tuesday and headed for rehearsal with the 6 other band members for the show! I loved watching them communicate while we practiced, because they have played together in a few bands before, they speak another language!

Band included: Scott Greene (Guitar/Bass), Ed Smith (Piano/Bass), Steve Pinset (Drums), Derina Harvey (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Audrey Ochoa (Trombone) & Sergio Rodriguez (Trumpet)

Thursday I met Justin at Resonate Music School & Studio and we recorded a music video for I've Moved On with videographer Steve Van Diest, along side Erik Mortimer on Piano and Joel Gray on Trumpet. Simple set up!

That night we had a girls night at my moms and made some giant candies to put on the stage! Way too much fun and am so thankful for the family and friends there that night making that happen! Mom, Kristie, Kiera, Roberta, Karlee, Amy, Katie & Lola! 

Friday was my CTV Edmonton interview with Erik & Joel performing I've Moved On along side me, and I found the most perfect candy heart dress for it, which instead of cute sayings, they were rather mean saying which I felt suited the song of a girl talking about getting "two timed too many times."

Sunday was the day of the show and I did my makeup and Lisa did hair and we were off to a great night!

The wonderful Ronald Palmer, the talented Bryan Chamberland and Dylan Howard caught the show by taking photo's and video.

I felt so comfortable up there and I hoped my commentary and music may have been just what the crowd needed that night!

Now back in Vancouver for the CD Release Party on May 29th!