Winnipeg Folk Festival 2014


WOW, what an incredible festival! I have left so incredibly inspired! Thank you to EAC and the City of Edmonton for helping get me there! Edmonton, we live in such an incredible city willing to help us succeed! Can't take that for granted!


Dad and I flew out to Winnipeg on Wednesday July 9th to sign in to the Galexie Young Performers Program, which I was chosen to be a part of this year. If you're a performer (ages 14-24) go submit yourself! It is absolutely incredible! Click here to check it out:

I was partnered up with 5 other songwriters to get mentorship with Andrina Turenne and Alexa Dirks from Chic Gamine (

On Thursday, we all shared our songs, and helped fine-tune the performance we would put on the next day.  The song I would perform with the group would be the one I had written the night before in the hotel room called Summertime, which is acapella and had the members of the group carry the song through a vocal melody and hand claps. Oh, I love hand claps!

We had enough time to talk with Chic Gamine about some music industry questions, and for them, everything they said was filtered through their pure love for music and each other. It was amazing to see the teamwork. 

That night we went to the festival to see Chic Gamine perform on the main stage!


Friday July 11th, 2014 - Performance Day!

That morning I did my vocal warm ups at the hotel room, sang the songs a few times through and headed to the festival early to enjoy some of the other groups who were a part of the program.

At 3:20pm, we hit Shady Grove stage in front of a large crowd and did a workshop styled performance, jamming on stage together with my group. It was incredible! The stage and sound was so world class and the crowd was having a ton of fun.

The rest of the day was spent getting so inspired and meeting musicians I have only ever seen on my computer screen.

Saturday July 12th, 2014

Relaxed and reflected on the incredible opportunity, before getting ready to come home and put my head down towards building my foundation as an artist.

Some of my favourite performances during the festival were from Shakey Graves, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Chic Gamine, the Rua Macmillan Trio, and Left Lane Cruiser!


What I got most from this weekend was the impact on changing my environment. My vision as a singer/songwriter is to be known internationally and work with the best.

Getting out of my bubble of musicians and people I jam with at home in Edmonton, it put in perspective how much work I have in order to become the person I envision myself becoming.

I am now back and feeling so incredibly inspired and keeping my routine of practice vocals every day and songwriting more often, in order to build my skill.


And at the end of my time at the festival, the clouds were getting a bit ugly... so Dad and I started to pack up for our flights to catch.... then.... B(&@A)*@M)*@.... the rain came down so hard! We were soaked in minutes and I was laughing so hard seeing Dad running to the car, not finding the car, thinking we found the car...etc... so hears a silly picture of us when we FINALLY found the car!

Thanks for reading!