The music business is a crazy thing. 

Big labels (there ain't too many) rule the radio stations, the billboards, the this and thats. Which is not a bad thing, because when I do listen to the radio and a song comes on I dislike... but I hear it 20 more times... I find some liking to the song after a while. Ever experience that? 

So when an independent artist like myself is putting out music, videos, blogs, etc, YOU are a crucial part of the team and what makes it a success.  You're refurral by sharing the links to your friends is the biggest compliment you can ever give me! And I hope I can repay you by being an example of going after what you love and by simply putting more music out there!

With those notes, I am thankful to announce the winner of the Scavenger Hunt we had throughout August, taking you all over facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and my website for clues and personal videos!



Who got through the scavenger hunt and has won:

- Signed Candy Album

- $25 iTunes Giftcard

- Her FAVORITE Candy, Swedish Berries

- A 30 Day Radical Self Love Program (Donated by Kelsey Grant of Radical Self Love, which you can see my experience in past blog notes while I went through the program!)

Congrats! And everyone else can download the album for free here on the website! Enjoy!