Catch Of The Week - Matthew Klapwijk

First Catch of the Week for 2015 is Vancouver business owner Matthew Klapwijk.



Matthew Klapwijk                                                


Matthew Millions



Marketing Director at WFG Inc


Richmond, BC, Canada


With the New Year, lots of us are going to start dreaming about what we want different out of the this year.  It seems that every time a new year begins, there is tons of youthful enthusiasm in the possibilities.  My favourite has always been updating and checking off the bucket list.  What is a bucket list?  It is a list of things you want to achieve in your life before you "kick the bucket."  Get clear on your vision and the world will bend over backwards to make it come true.   

I have a newsletter called "Moment of Motivation" where I share some motivation and tips to fuel your 2015 at least 4x a month.  

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-Help 100 Families in 2015 have a plan for there financial future and get the most value for their hard earned money
                >Empower yourself about money, than empower others in your community

-Train and mentor 6 key business partners to help with expansion
                >Looking for bi-lingual speaking women who have a passion to help people, athletic people who want to be significant and be recognized, centre of influences who are leaders and want to add value to their community  

-The Bucket List Challenge Jan 31st 2015
                >Accept the upcoming challenge

-New Years Penthouse Party Celebration in New York with Family and Friends
                >Best places to go in New York for New Years party

-Invited to speak at more events on entrepreneurship & positive mental attitude
                >speaking opportunities that make a impact


   How did we first meet?

When I was still new in the company, I was able to connect and learn from great entrepreneurs and thinkers.  One was Brittney's Dad, Mark Grabill.  He is a veteran in this industry and is always constantly improving, so I modelled what he did.  He ended up coaching me in the business and with his guidance I was able to qualify to be the only one in my office in the Forbes Magazine Campaign.  Than he told me his youngest daughter Brittney was moving to Vancouver to pursue her acting career and expand his operations out here, I was given the opportunity to pay it forward and play a part her growth of the business just like her Dad did for me. 

   Your favourite Brittney Grabill song and why?

I like you.
Why...very catchy and reminds me of Brian Tracy's techniques - that you must like yourself first before you can get others to like and trust you

   If Brittney was a animal she would be a Kangaroo.  Because she is always bouncing around with passion and charisma.


   What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Last picture I took is at our office for our family and friends day.  Best place to be with family and friends that support you dreams vs your reality.

   Best compliment you’ve received this week?

"You are a good looking and intelligent man, who already started his legacy." [I have proof of this ^_^]

   If you could be any age this week, what age would you be?

Same age I am today 28!  I'm in PRIME!

   What cheers you up?

What cheers me up is seeing good people surprise themselves by achieve things they didn't think was possible.

   Do you have a favorite book, or read much?

"The Leader that Had No Title"-Robbin Sharma

   If you could spend the day with any celebrity, who would it be?

Will Smith and learn his mentality of being to outwork everyone and be so driven.

   What famous person has people told you that you most resemble?

None.  i'm special = )

   What is your favorite thing to spend money on?

Food!  I love experience high quality food and fun experiences.  Its a guilty pleasure.

   If you could be trapped in a TV show for a month, which would you choose? (Or Movie)

If I can be in any movie for a month it would be inception.  It would be so cool to be able to step into my mind and others and see what realities I have created. 

   Are you in love?

Always <3 because it is always in my control to give it



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