New Christmas Music Video To End 2015


I am so excited to start 2016 and I think this new music video is a perfect way to end 2015. My song Goodnight is a jammy tune and in the video you see my character getting ready for my Christmas party, with the help of my best friends Ally and Jason. As the party gets started, I am looking forward to my online date Dan to stop by at some point. During Christmas games and dancing, I find conflict by an unexpected love triangle I'm faced with.

 While writing the concept for the video, I wanted to match the songs flirty energy and I got to work with all my new LA friends that I had a chance to meet this past year.

I worked with people I met from doing short films, background work, musicals, and random gigs! You never know who you're going to meet and how they are going to effect your life!

This project was also the first project I ever produced, meaning finding funding and putting the team together, amongst other things :)

My incredible endorsements include:

Shane at Salon Michele in Encino, CA do my hair cut and color
Mrs. Charlier donating the shirt I wear in the video and the jewelry you see all the fancy ladies wearing
Elizabeth Goesse at Sugar Mama's Cupcakes donating these amazing cupcakes you'll see in the music video, which definitely kept the crew happy
WFG's Success by Design for a financial contribution

Please do stay tuned for contests once the video launches! #GoodnightMusicVideo