In the comedic short film, THE SEX TALK, millennial roommates Aimee and Sarah try to figure out what to discuss when giving Aimee’s niece the sex talk in the modern day of feminism, sexual liberation, and the me too movement.

It all starts like any other morning, with Sarah peacefully cooking her morning breakfast and Aimee kicking out her recent booty call. At the breakfast table, Aimee realizes that her niece, Gracie, is planning on having sex with her boyfriend. Having never received the sex talk herself, and knowing her prudish sister wouldn’t talk about sex, Aimee takes it upon herself to give her niece the sex talk later that day. Aimee, who is quite experienced in the coitus department, tells Sarah that it will be easy to give her niece tips and tricks to help her have a good time.

Realizing the direction this “sex talk” is going, conservative and practical Sarah steps in and suggests that Aimee also includes information about safe sex, consent, and reproduction. Aimee decides she needs Sarah’s help and they spend the whole day hilariously exploring periods, relationships, changing bodies, condoms, dildos, butt plugs, and everything under the sun in preparation for their talk with Gracie that evening. It’s overwhelming, but the two women end up learning more from each other than they expected. Even though their sex talk with Gracie turns out to be a bust, their day of discussing the taboos and joys of sex helps them both grow and step out of their comfort zones as people and in their relationships.

Created, Produced, Written by Lily Thaisz and Brittney Grabill

Directed by Brittney Grabill and Isaiah Taylor

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